Cursor Jumping to Upper Right Corner – FIX

I had an issue that came about suddenly while working.  Every now and then my cursor would jump to the upper right corner and lock to the taskbar.  I couldn’t find any pattern to explain it.  I tried:

  • activating/deactivating the trackpad
  • swapping my mouse out
  • cleaning my touchscreen
  • rebooting
  • deactivating extensions

The issue persisted.  I noticed that my touchscreen wasn’t responding, so as a last step, I tried temporarily deactivating my touchscreen.  The problem then went away.  After a reboot, my touchscreen worked properly and the cursor no longer jumped.  I have no explanation as to why, but here is how:

xinput --list

That will give you a list of inputs with IDs. The touchscreen entry should be pretty obvious. Mine is ‘Synaptics Large Touch Screen’. Note the ID. It should be a single or two digit number.

xinput disable {#}

(Where {#} is the ID number from the list.

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