All Glory to the Hypnotoad!

Show me the glory!


Ok, I get it. Make it stop.

When I saw a really neat one line random color generator in a blog post, I saw it as an opportunity to glorify the hynotoad. This is the magic part:


In that line, ".toString(16)" gives us a hexadecimal value. We need to constrain our random numbers between 0 and ffffff, hexadecimally speaking, or 16777215 when converted to an integer. "1<<24" is a fancy and short way to achieve 16777216 using bitwise operators. The double tilde is a shorthand to lop off the decimal places that the call to "Math.random()" gives us. It could also have been achieved using "parseInt" on our random value.


This works just as well, but isn't nearly as cool looking.

Dropping our random color generator into a setInterval produces pleasing results.

  var toads = document.querySelectorAll('.hypnotoad');
  [], function(toad){ = "#"+(~~(Math.random()*(1&lt;&lt;24))).toString(16);
}, 80);

Apply your hypnotoad class to any element you want to begin glorification.

Here's a link to a codepen, if you like that sort of thing

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